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Lighthouse is an intercultural social-entrepreneurship venture that aims to connect the dots across cultures through diverse, inclusive, and powerful narratives. Our community of authors, artists, and filmmakers makes stories from distant cultures accessible to the common man.


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Amapoli: Sustainable menstrual health
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Amapoli: Sustainable menstrual health

I live in Temuco, Chile. And I can say for a fact, that this country was not ready for a...
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Looking into our own backyard
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Looking into our own backyard

Tens of thousands of people have been protesting for social justice (especially for Black Americans) in the United States and...
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How my culture soiled my life
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How my culture soiled my life

Most inhabitants in the Noun Division, identify themselves as Bamouns. Celebrated for its cultural diversity and heritage; the Bamouns venerate...
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Beyond the Borders

Beyond the Borders: Indo-Pak is a 50+ story project showcasing unique narratives of true love and tolerance from the people of Pakistan and India. The goal of this campaign is to promote unity and friendship between everyday citizens and to ignite hope for a better future through heartfelt tales and perspectives! By presenting the positive aspects of Indo-Pak relations through the use of narratives in many art forms, Beyond the Borders brings in something for everyone. Listen to our Podcasts with special guests, read a collection of letter exchanges between pairs from each country, enjoy poetry and performances of mini stories by spoken word artists!

Equality For All

‘Equality for All’ brings together those changemakers who wish to see true progress in their communities for all aspects of equality: socio-economic, gender-based, political, generational, and more!

Equality for All brings audiences a chance to delve into the mindsets of the younger generation first-hand and hear their side of the narrative. What does equality mean to them? How would they like to see equal growth in their society and what drives them to keep working for a better tomorrow? Find out their stories through special podcast episodes, audio stories and video readings all revolving around the theme of equality.

Global Pen Pals

Letters are hand crafted souvenirs of expression, legacies that remind us of connections made and memories exchanged! Lighthouse Storytelling is proud to present the Global Pen Pals program: an exciting and unique opportunity for storytellers and people across the world to connect to one another. Our international letter exchange is an online program that is open to individuals of all ages and nationalities, is aimed at bringing fresh perspectives and glimpses into the lives of strangers through the age-old device of letter writing!

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We bridge gaps between cultures worldwide, and bring meaningful stories that can help humanity grasp different issues from a more human, personal, and empathetic approach.

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To give purpose to stories, to help cultures unite, and become a ‘lighthouse’ that guides changemakers across the world, one story at a time. 

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Being a reluctant reader, it’s very rare that I read blog posts or articles but Ashitha’s brand of storytelling surprisingly happens to be an exception. It’s interesting that the writing has a unique sense of simplicity in conveying the intention and the information that connects with the reader instantly.

My personal favorite being “To swing both ways” – what seems like a normal interview with a bisexual is more than just that – it is very educative and impactful that has its feels. The range and choice of topics are impressive as I am either able to connect to them or intrigued to know and understand the different perspectives. I keenly look forward to the notification of the next blog post!

Metha Rathnam

The one quote that immediately strikes my mind when I think about Ashitha’s style of storytelling is “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. It takes a great storyteller to conjure magical narratives, that apart from making for an entertaining read also leaves you with some food for thought to chew on, until the next writeup lands; And it takes a virtuoso to do so, in just a short 4 minute read. The stories have a knack for deftly conveying deep perspectives in the form of engrossing narratives, to keep readers like me hooked and waiting for more!
A large part of what gives the writing its well-rounded persona is the dollops of diversity in content. Bucking the conventions of most lifestyle blogs, the stories the founder publishes have covered pressing topics from across the globe to trends much closer to home.

Varun Kashyap CV

You know that moment when you have to convey something but you just don’t know how to express it? Ashitha’s brand of storytelling is everything I think but fail to put the thoughts into words. It’s a medium through which I can convey. Like how you tag your friends in memes off-late when you find something relatable.

But seriously, it takes a lot for a blogger to pick a generic topic and give it a fresh perspective or outlook and that’s what makes the blog stand out. Every blog written is grey unlike other articles that are usually either black or white. Writing is like a mirror, as most of us raise questions and draw our own conclusions

Soumya Bhat

It isn’t easy for us to express in words what we get in thoughts, nor is it easy to capture another’s musings if that’s what they sought.

Correction: it isn’t easy for some of us.
Ashitha’s storytelling makes it look like a breeze, with strongly structured prose you can follow with ease. The blog posts are so current that you couldn’t fail to connect and spend some time after, to reflect/introspect. It is great to see someone follow their passion, and throw in the readers’ faces truths they may wish to hide from, like how they may not be doing their best to help the society they grew up in or about sensitivity to people’s sexual orientation (To Swing Both Ways).

Nidhi Raj

I have known Ashitha for 6 years now and what I can definitely validate is that she is that fiery soul who will keep pushing forward no matter what and she will do anything to get there. However, this is a testimony to Ashitha’s brand of writing and not her personality, so let’s go there now. For as long as I have known her, she has been evolving, yet sticking to what she knows best.

Similarly, the stories published are ever-morphing, yet sticking to the true essence of what they are always meant to be. If you read under the lines, you will realize that the stories, not only take the small things in life and make them bigger, but also take the big things in life and make them even bigger.

Anusha R Chandra

Ashitha’s brand of storytelling is many things.
It is bold.
It is relatable.
It is intriguing.
But most importantly, it is blatantly, straight out, Real.

The writing portrays the world as it is, no sugar coating. I feel like the stories really makes you THINK and is a real eye opener, which society oh-so dearly requires. I’m not much of a reader myself, but there’s just something about Ashitha’s storytelling that makes her work so relatable to my own life, making it wonderful to read. I would like to ask Ashitha to continue publishing stories always, for the world needs more and more of her fabulous work!

Sakshi Kalsi

The Melton Foundation

The Melton Foundation is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the USA, and a leading proponent of global citizenship practice worldwide. Established nearly thirty years ago with the credence that collaborations across boundaries can forge sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, today they span across six global citizenship hubs in Chile, China, Germany, Ghana, India, and the United States of America. 

Melton and Lighthouse

The MF has supported our journey into inciting change through storytelling, and we are forever grateful to the MF for being our backbone in our early days! The foundation brings new avenues for individuals and organizations to come together across boundaries in an interconnected world via fellowships and campaigns. Their contribution and mentorship for these endevours has been highly valuable to the Lighthouse community.