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Hey Faraya!


Since this is the first letter exchange, we have to introduce ourselves. I’m Rajharini but I prefer to go by Harini. I’m currently in my final year of college and majoring in Computer Science Engineering. I’m also  interning as a Site Reliability Engineer for a few months now.


Do you listen to Taylor Swift? The album “Red” was re-released last week and there has been nothing that I could concentrate on except this. I’m pretty sure I’ve driven everyone mad by repeatedly playing the ‘All Too Well’ Short Film. I’ve also been screaming to ‘22’ and ‘Message in a Bottle’ for the past week and constantly relating this to some of the stories I read. If I’m talking about this in this letter, I think I have succeeded in driving myself mad along with everyone else.


In context with the Taylor Swift songs, what’s your hobby? I love to read books and currently I’m reading ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo. I saw the Netflix series that is based on the book and I was impressed into buying the entire series. I’ve just started with this but the book seems to focus on just the protagonist’s point of view while the series showed all the side stories. This almost makes me say that the series is better than the book (afterall, there is a first time for everything) but this is way too soon to admit.


It’s the monsoon season in my area and red alert announcements are popping up in so many places but not in my city. It rains rarely here. I’ve always liked the rain and cold. Maybe it’s because I experience it very sparsely. I’ve always dreamed about coming to the north because my father has told me a lot about the extreme winter climates up there. What place would you suggest if I could visit there? Preferably somewhere with a lot of snow? Despite the cold, I guess I just want to see it sometime in my life.


As I’m writing this, my mother is preparing pani puri which is one of my favourite snacks. Have you heard of Pani Puri? If not, you should definitely try it. It’s pretty easy to make and if it’s purely homemade it’s healthy too. While they would just give around 10 puris if we buy them in shops, making this at home allows me to eat as much as I want. With all these preparations, I could probably participate in a Pani Puri eating competition and win it.


I think I have rambled on way too much for a first letter but I’m really excited about this initiative. People can only expand relations with others when they realize that the person opposite them is also human, that they are someone who is facing the same issues and gets hurt just as much as the other person. People often forget about what makes them human as they pursue other things. Hopefully, these kinds of interactions are what is needed. Hoping to hear more from you!


Until next time,



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