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Hello, Tahira! 


They say the best of the things in life happen unplanned. I believe in the soul-touching, mind-numbing unwavering lines of faith and fate. The point is, I am a postgraduate student in Advanced Construction Management (currently in my final year) and I do not think this is what I truly love doing. But, since there is a higher authority, I am guessing things will fall in place sooner than usual and all I need to keep doing till then is to find what I am good at and ace in it. Maybe that is what keeps us going, right? 


Yes, I watch a lot of classic movies but my interest lies in books and literature. But, yes, I do relate with your sense of memorising dialogues that resonate with your soul. I do that with nooks and crannies of places, cities, people, books, and memories. It is a very warm feeling, I believe. Like we become a part of everything we do, everything we see, everything we read. You get me? This reminds me, my favourite book is ‘My Sister’s Keeper ‘by Jodi Picoult. The essence is how even though we are all a family, we do not wish to sacrifice ourselves for the other but we know it is the right thing to do. That is what I think the relationship between the two countries is. We recognize our land, our people, but we consciously fight the urge to erase the boundaries and embrace them. I hope we, too, realise what the right thing is. 


I will be honest, I write to you in irony, submitting completely to my vulnerability. I write to you from a place with little light, some declassified thoughts, an average two hours of daily sleep, smoggy skies and anti-allergies and an array of pending commitments to myself and others. I am moving out of my house in the city I have grown up in for the first time ever for higher studies. It is a very overwhelming process. It never is easy to shift base and start everything from the beginning. I daresay I am as nervous as I am excited to really learn who I am when no one is watching. Somehow vibing to this song currently:Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back 


Also, I found the Book of Sonnets speaking to me and I think you will like to read this too –


I will acquaintance strangle and look strange.

Be absent from thy elks, and in my tongue 

Their sweet beloved name no more shall dwell.

Lest I, too much profane, should do it wrong

And haply of our acquaintance tell.


What about you? Do you stay with your family or dream of escaping into the wild for an adventure? 


Yes, the days are getting shorter, the nights colder, the breeze lighter, but I absolutely love winters. Mostly because of the spirit of warmth that thrives in this season. I gather from your letter that you are not a fan really, but no worries. Try eating rice kheer and garam garam gulab jamuns in the evenings during this time of the year!  Bharat mein aaye aur kheer nahi khayi, no, not possible! I am sure that will change your mind. 


Taking a step is as easy as writing a text message, doing something consciously to make things better is as difficult as writing a letter to a person you have never met. I have a mental image of you currently. I see a very bubbly girl, snuggled into a blanket, sitting in front of the fireplace with the laptop screening ‘Richard II’ by Shakespeare, eating garma-garam jalebis with thandi-thandi rabdi (another favourite combination you must try!). I will keep you in my wishes. Thank you for being my pen-pal. Here’s to hoping we can write to each other much after this campaign is over. After-all this could be the start of a friendship between a girl who reads and a girl who watches all that this world has to offer. 






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