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Hi Ruchita,


My name is Usman, I’m 19 years old, and I was born in the United States but now live in Lahore, Pakistan. I’m your typical desi guy in the second year of A levels, love experiencing new things and exploring life to its fullest potential.


Even though I’ve haven’t lived in Pakistan for my whole life, I’ve definitely grown to love it over the years. The cultural history and heritage here is so intriguing that it grabs the viewers attention. Especially when you visit old bazaars. Another reason for my new admiration of Pakistan is definitely the food, since desi cuisine is unlike any other. The rich, flavorful, spicy aromas carry you to another level. Most Pakistani food contains meat based dishes. I’ve heard most people in India are vegetarians, are you?


Aside from food, Pakistan is also home to many historic landmarks such as: Mohatta palace, Qila Rohtas, Wazir khan mosque, with Sheesh Mahel being my favorite. It is a must to visit if you ever find yourself here. Sheesh Mahel captures the rich Pakistani history, allowing you to get a glimpse into the past and gain a greater understanding of Pakistani culture. The whole palace structure is like a mind tricking maze. Even some of the floor has mirrors built into them creating an aesthetic place. 


Speaking of culture, have you ever heard the song ‘Aadat’ by Atif Aslam? It is definitely one of my favourites because of the heartwarming lyrics and the pitch of his voice. I also occasionally listen to Bollywood songs. Right now my go-to Hindi song is ‘Ude dil Befikre’, which I mostly listen to whilst doing school work. I would love to get to know what type of music you’re into? Staying in the realm of entertainment, I am a fanatic of watching 90’s and early 2000’s Bollywood movies. They create the feeling of nostalgia and togetherness which everyone admires.


Moreover, I always wanted to visit India due to its natural northern beauty. Especially exploring the province of Himachal Pradesh and seeing the wonder of Srinagar. Additionally, whilst taking art, I fell in love with history. I also want to see Amber palace in Rajasthan and reminisce about the past royals and significant events which happened in the vicinity. If you were to come to Pakistan, where would you want to visit?


Overall, being a part of this campaign was interesting to say the least. Looking forward to reading your letter!





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