Equality for All

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In the spirit of our motherland, Africa

Has taught us to always embrace others 

As it has always embraced each one of us, 

No matter who we are, 

Before our beloved motherland we are

All equal!

And yet time and time again

Our women have been treated

As the lesser beings of our species 

Men have taken away their voices

Our women have been reduced to appendages 

And mere shadows of men

Through their domination, men

Have made important decisions on behalf of women

But why?

What really matters?

Equality for all!

Men and women, all alike are equal 

And in the spirit of our motherland, Africa 

What defines our humanity is our human dignity;

An intrinsic, inalienable and inviolable human value

That everyone is born with

That is what makes us Human!

That is what makes us Equal.

Written by: Raymond Kigai


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