How to Get Involved

Citizens of the world are bringing a piece of Lighthouse to their communities, through their own projects, narratives and events. Join the movement today, and let our stories spark change!

Become a Growth Partner

Are you a natural leader with a flair for storytelling? Become a ‘Growth Partner’ and bring Lighthouse to your part of the world! You will lead end-to-end campaigns on a social impact cause close to you, and create platforms for powerful grassroots stories to shine. 

Become a Lighthouse Storyteller

Do you have a powerful story to share with the world? Are you seeking an intercultural platform to voice your thoughts?

To become a Lighthouse Storyteller, share a compelling story that carries potential to spark change, and our editorial team will get in touch!

Global Events and Workshops

We regularly host workshops, contests, and mentoring sessions for budding storytellers! Furthermore, we host an annual Global Storytelling Festival (in English and Spanish) with participation from over 200 storytellers from 18+ countries!

Come join us at the next one!

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Think Global, Act Local

Our chapters are independent initiative to educate, inspire, and support causes around the world through storytelling. Anyone can create one! We’re currently active in Kenya, South Asia, and Chile (Spanish chapter).

Chapters are fun and simple ways to bring storytelling to your community!