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Lighthouse Africa caters to passionate storytellers in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The Lighthouse Africa community is closely involved with issues like gender empowerment, equality, sustainable development amongst other issues.

We are a cohort of passionate storytellers who seek to spread messages of impact through the cathartic device of storytelling.

Stories of Kisumu

Gender-based violence poses significant risks to the health and well-being of women, including physical injuries and psychological trauma. Stories of Kisumu is a 10 day storytelling campaign that goes into the heartlands of the county of Kenya to emerge with stories told by the women of Kisumu themselves. Complex issues like gender based violence often have their genesis at the roots of society. This presents a steep challenge to combat the unpleasant malice of domestic violence. Join us as we peel the layers off the lives of women in Kisumu - one story at a time.


Stories of Kisumu comprises a five-story compilation. Each of the stories reflect the poignant yet raw reality of the women of Kisumu.


Across three podcasts, we hear experiences of the diverse lives in Kisumu which are bound together by the common element of discrimination.


Watch the women of Kisumu speak out about the inequalities and injustice they face as a part of their existence and its implications in their lives

Meet the Team

Steasy Atieno

Martin Nyawara

Edwin Koga

Georgina Anyango

Joans Arodi

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