Global Pen Pals Program

What is Pen Pals?

Letters are hand crafted souvenirs of expression, legacies that remind us of connections made and memories exchanged! Lighthouse Storytelling is proud to present the Global Pen Pals program: an exciting and unique opportunity for storytellers and people across the world to connect to one another. Our international letter exchange that is open to individuals of all ages and nationalities, is aimed to bridge the gaps across global boundaries to bring fresh perspectives and glimpses into the lives of strangers through the age-old device of letter writing! Originally featured in our ‘Beyond the Borders: Indo-Pak’ campaign, this initiative takes inspiration from the popular exchange held and is now going global to involve larger storytellers and audiences alike.

Why participate?

The Pen Pals program opens up new avenues for forging bonds and lasting connections through an easily accesible platform. Not only would it be a once in a lifetime opportunity for individuals to share personal narratives first hand, but after Lighthouses’s previous success with the letter excahnge, it has also been known to bring a new perspective and curb stereotypes often shown as fact in this era of news. Added to that:

  1. Participants will get a chance to be paired up with individuals from different regions.
  2. Participants are to complete a letter exchange held digitally over an email thread, from the comfort of their homes
  3. A general guidline for the letter format will be shared over the same thread and all participants are free to add images, links to other content and videos to go along with their letters.
  4. All succesful participants and their letters will be featured on Lighthouse platforms!

Mind the Rules!

Participants signing up through our google forms must wait to be paired through their provided email. It must be a current or recently accessible one to ensure timely communication. Remember to follow the deadline and format given in that mail. While you will be having full control over what your letter contains, kindly remember to keep in mind nothing rude or hateful is permissible as the platform promotes and highlights joy, goodness and unity present in our world.

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