Stories of Kisumu

Kisumu is the capital of Nyanza province, Kenya, located on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria. As one of the counties experiencing increased cases of sexual Gender based violence (SGBV), the County Government of Kisumu has made major strides in developing policy framework for the elimination of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV). There is now a dire need for improving capacity to address Gender-Based Violence at the grassroots. 

Stories of Kisumu, is our attempt at shining a light on the plight of survivors in the county. This 10-part storytelling campaign unmasks SGBV at the roots through personal interviews, podcasts and video documentaries. Survivors featured in the campaign are more than statistics. They are real women, with real stories, and most important of all, with real hope. 

“Our first campaign set in the heartlands of Kenya has been incredibly challenging and uniquely fulfilling. We are honoured to share the stories of these strong yet vulnerable women with the world. After three months of coordinating with journalists, activists, and Kisumu citizens, with bad internet for days, interviewees changing their minds, failed wire transfers, equipment failures in remote Kenyan villages, our pilot is gearing up for launch. It’s been a tremendous learning opportunity for us at Lighthouse, dealing with a subject as sensitive as Gender Based Violence, and we hope it resonates with our audience.” – shares our Founder, Ashitha Nayak!

Visuals from Kisumu: Documentary Films

Watch Judith’s story of navigating her way through an oppressive system and breaking out of her shackles!

Watch Rose narrate how she stood up to the barrage of injustices she faced and hopes to overcome one day!

Voices of Kisumu : Podcasts


Linda Peggy Akinyi is a 34 year old Kenyan Woman, a native of Kisumu City. Tune in to the pod to listen to her story of fortitude, and how she came to be a survivor of Gender Based Violence, and her hopes for the future.


Chwaarni resides in Kisumu and works part time to earn a living. Tune in to listen to a heart wrenching story of unparalleled mettle, a story of Gender Based Violence and a story of how Chwaarni overcame it.


Linda Rose Ojuaya was born and brought up in Kisumu county. A true testament of grit and endurance, Linda shares insights into the life of a gender violence survivor and advise for others with similar experiences.

Live Talks: Join in the conversation!

Written Stories

A problem half-solved

A problem half-solved

  My name is Sharon Otieno from Kisumu Kenya living in the slums of Manyatta. I am 34 years old. I am a mother of four. I am currently jobless but I do laundry for people for livelihood. I am married to Emanuel Onyango who is now 48 years of age currently...

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It shall be well

It shall be well

It is 7 o’clock in the morning and, once again, the City of Kisumu is a beehive of activities. Bodabodas crisscross each other, the matatus are hooting, children walk to school carrying loads of books as the adults walk to work with one mission: to “put food on the...

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Justice will be Served

Justice will be Served

My name is Sofia. I am 26 years old and I live in Kisumu.  My story starts out with me just looking for a better future. I got through my education up to high school level, so I moved to Kisumu from my rural home in Siaya, to seek greener pastures. Soon, I got a job...

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The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral

Partying was my thing. Weekends were the best part of my life. Talk about jam sessions, ramogi nights, mulembe nights... I can't even exhaust them. Life was as easy as “one, two, three.” Mum… that lady used to get into my nerves. “Hey! Don’t do this… Hey, don’t go...

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The Girl Behind

The Girl Behind

My name is Agnetta Auma. I am a 33-year-old mother who lives in the slums of Obunga Kisumu County, Kenya. I sell fish to support my  four children; two boys and two girls. I was married to the late Austin Odhiambo, who died in a road accident. I was born the firstborn...

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