What is lighthouse

south asia?

Who are we? 

Lighthouse South Asia is a new chapter launched to explore stories from South Asia that capture creative, unique and thought provoking perspectives. The stories of triumph, struggles, love, hope and persistence are always held sacred in our hearts; they are beacons of optimism which we aspire towards and Lighthouse South Asia is gratified to be both a guiding light and home for such stories. Collecting fascinating tales from local storytellers, the South Asian branch of Lighthouse is eager to unfold captivating narratives through the various mediums of storytelling. We search for new, innovative ways to engage our audiences in these narratives- hoping to inspire writers, poets, journalists, change makers, and many more, to become confident in their missions, spread positivity in their communities, find their own voice and aspire to greater heights. Our chapter will continue to grow with each new endeavour, learning and gaining essential understanding along the way, igniting everlasting change through the power of storytelling!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to spreading the message of friendship and unity with narratives which inspire change in South Asia. We wish to motivate our storytellers to bring forward impactful writings and campaigns that hold communal importance, sparking uplifting talks and hopes for peace; all the while shedding light on the positive growth of our South Asian communities and showcasing their voices on our platform. We aim to provide a space for those unsung writings and media that do not garner the deserved attention, but dream to be portrayed as a part of the mosaic of voices present in the vast continent. We stand as a symbol for advocating peace and love in South Asia, an instigator of revisioning the potential of stories for good.

‘Beyond the Borders’ : Indo-Pak Storytelling

Bridging gaps and reinventing the art of stories: this is core of what Lighthouse stands for.

To this effect, Lighthouse South Asia curated ‘Beyond the Borders- An Indo-Pak campaign’ , centred around happy and hopeful stories from the two nations. The rich history, culture and bond Pakistan and India share is often overlooked in the face of the differences that bring about divisions. However, it is only a matter of viewing the multitudes of similarities through the eyes of the people, that those differences don’t seem to hold a candle to the real, raw and beautiful connection we share across borders. We base our project in the hope to bring forth the same sentiments. Our objective is to illustrate narratives of peace, love and friendship between the people through the means of new-age storytelling.

Including original written works, podcasts and more, ‘Beyond the Borders – An Indo-Pak campaign’ is a project that we are proud and excited to have created and shared with our audience!

Shravani is a Melton Fellow, Student pursuing her undergrad in Computer Science Engineering in India. As much as she loves to learn and imbibe new features of growing technology in various aspects of her everyday life, learning new skills and working towards giving back to society is her guilty-free pleasure. That’s how Shravani stumbled upon Lighthouse. Working at Lighthouse Shravani believes that every single day there is something new to explore, learn and grow with. “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. -Hannah Arendt.” At Lighthouse, we hope to spread powerful narratives through a key tool – Storytelling. Storytelling helps us express emotions without defining it. We hope to make a platform to cherish this artform in its purest avatar, the materialization of a thought from a person’s mind to the physical world.

Shravani Vangur
Digital Media & Campaign Head South Asia

I’m Sara Hassan, a student and storyteller from Lahore, Pakistan. I first contributed to Lighthouse as a writer for their Global Mini story competition, aimed at bridging cultural gaps. After being shortlisted in the top 25 authors, I got to know more about the organization and it’s goals for igniting change through various forms of storytelling, and I knew I had to be part of this incredible team! Today, my work includes working behind the scenes at Lighthouse South Asia. I am now one of the heads of our newest project ‘Beyond the Borders- an Indo-Pak campaign’ and I am excited to bring you these unique stories from India and Pakistan!

Sara Hassan
Campaign Head South Asia

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